We’re still working at it, we promise….

Hey everyone! we are back at it again working at it again! Bloodvayne is back tweaking with steamworks gutting through the files and looking to see what the server issue was! To be honest we all got really busy with life events and the release got super delayed and we apologize. we hope to figure this all out and get a realistic release date for all of you soon and hope to be playing shortly!!!


We’re Back!

Hey yall. Bloodvayne here. Just giving a heads up that a patch for Redux is currently underway. This patch will contain various tweaks and fixes. And the complete US NXL 2018 season. Maybe even a couple extra maps thrown in there. And player re-skins. Pushing for either a New Years Day release or early January. In the mean time I will trickle some eye candy onto the site to watch our progress. Thanks for stopping by!

It’s been some time!

Hey everyone! so the release back last year did not go as well as we all hoped. We rushed the release a bit, and in return didn’t produce a 100% perfect mod for the community. Although it wasn’t a success, we did learn a lot about ourselves, the game, and what needs to happen for the future of this mod. We have not given up and we have continued to make progress for the release of the game onto steam in the upcoming months. We hope you all stay excited and watch for future updates about whats going on here with DPB Redux. Here is one of the new player models that we have been working on that will be in the game 🙂

if you have any questions, criticism, or ideas please join the facebook group and let us know!!!




Just saying hello.

Well the week is moving along since Redux release. It has had both positive and negative feedback. I have been making screenshots of both. But considering the small amount of players in the community. This version has had decent spurts of players on the servers so far. So I am happy with that.

Am looking forward to this first full weekend coming up when people have some off time to play. And get even more feedback.

I will taking a break the next couple weeks for some “Me” time. But will come back in full swing to make corrections and slap together a few more fields/maps.

Once I think it’s ready to be available on Steam Direct as a free third party mod download. I will announce it on here and remove the current version from download.

So until then. Thanks for the support so far. Keep sending your constructive criticism. It is appreciated!


Digital Paintball v2.1R (Redux) Is Here!

Visit the files page to download! Enjoy!

Release Tonight!

Bumped up release time to tonight at Midnight PST (3AM EST)!

DPB Redux first look promo

5 Lucky winners could play this Friday 21JUL17!

Random drawing will be held tomorrow at 7pm PST for 5 winners to play the almost last fix build of DPB Redux! Friday 21JUL17 at 6pm PST!

All you have to do is sign up on the FACEBOOK PAGE. And COMMENT ON THIS POST. Good luck!

Field Developer Kit added.

For veteran map developers or those looking to learn how to map. There is now a Field Development Kit available for download on the new FILES page!


To our friends across the pond! Millennium Bitberg 2017 is here! Look forward to playing this field in 15 days!