Author: Quikkie

Digital Paintball REDUX is now released and available

It’s been a long time to get everything figured out, but we finally got Steam approval for the game and it is now downloadable as a Half-Life MOD through the Steam Store page. You will still need to have Half-Life 1 (HL1) in your Steam Library to be able to play the game, but once you have HL1 installed, Digital Paintball Redux will be downloadable for FREE. We have East, West, and Central servers available to be played on. The servers have AMX Mod downloaded on them so players will be able to vote for new maps. When admins are in the game AMX mod will help run scrimmages and make life in the servers much easier.

So what is different between Digital Paintball Redux and Digital Paintball 2.1?The main difference is that now the game will be available to download through the Steam Store page and not through third party websites. Anyone searching for a paintball game will be directed to this which will grow the community greatly! We also fixed game glitches and made some cosmetic changes with player models, gun models, sounds and the HUD display. The player 2 model now shows the player lean so you can use whichever player model you would like.

Important note: Because this game is a HL1 Mod, Digital Paintball Redux will show up with two icons in your Steam Library, 1 for the game store page, and one for the Mod itself. If you run the Store page game and try to connect to the servers a message will pop up and say ‘STEAM validation rejected’. Simply run the other Digital Paintball Redux in your Steam Library and your good to go! We’re working on getting this fixed, but STEAM customer service isn’t as responsive due to the pandemic so we decided to release the game so people could play while we work on this last issue.

The servers are up and running now and are ready for you to play! Make sure you add the servers to your favorites for easy access from STEAM. Please follow our Discord , Facebook, and Steam group for updates and any information or Support needed for the game. Thanks and hope everyone enjoys!!!

We’re still working at it, we promise….

Hey everyone! we are back at it again working at it again! Bloodvayne is back tweaking with steamworks gutting through the files and looking to see what the server issue was! To be honest we all got really busy with life events and the release got super delayed and we apologize. we hope to figure this all out and get a realistic release date for all of you soon and hope to be playing shortly!!!


It’s been some time!

Hey everyone! so the release back last year did not go as well as we all hoped. We rushed the release a bit, and in return didn’t produce a 100% perfect mod for the community. Although it wasn’t a success, we did learn a lot about ourselves, the game, and what needs to happen for the future of this mod. We have not given up and we have continued to make progress for the release of the game onto steam in the upcoming months. We hope you all stay excited and watch for future updates about whats going on here with DPB Redux. Here is one of the new player models that we have been working on that will be in the game 🙂

if you have any questions, criticism, or ideas please join the facebook group and let us know!!!