Author: Bloodvayne

Still seeking C++ programmer

Long time. And no we’re not dead. We are very much alive and active on our discord which is linked on the righthand top menu. Over 700 Members actually!

We are anxious to move forward with a new update. As layed out on our Dev Team Trello as follows:

Our main holdback is as the title of this post states. We still need a C++ programmer. The base code has been updated to Visual Studio 2019. Aswell as Linux build brought up to speed. So that’s a check in the box so far. See below post dated June 19th 2020 for details.

Seeking Programmer

The DPB Redux team is seeking a programmer willing to help us push out the next update or 2. Please join our Discord by clicking here.

And inquire in the #Join-The-Dev-Team channel.

We’re Back!

Hey yall. Bloodvayne here. Just giving a heads up that a patch for Redux is currently underway. This patch will contain various tweaks and fixes. And the complete US NXL 2018 season. Maybe even a couple extra maps thrown in there. And player re-skins. Pushing for either a New Years Day release or early January. In the mean time I will trickle some eye candy onto the site to watch our progress. Thanks for stopping by!

Field Developer Kit added.

For veteran map developers or those looking to learn how to map. There is now a Field Development Kit available for download on the new FILES page!


To our friends across the pond! Millennium Bitberg 2017 is here! Look forward to playing this field in 15 days!

Millennium Series

DPB Redux has not forgotten about our friends across the pond. Millennium Bitberg is still being worked on and will be included in release. Stay tuned for a glimpse soon!


Also to be included with DPB Redux!